Swiftach® Systems

Tools, needles and fasteners for tagging. The addition of recycled and biodegradable fasteners are now helping retailers and brand owners to meet their sustainability goals.

Retail tags applied using the Swiftach Mark V Fastening Tool
Built for Dependability

More than 50 years ago, we revolutionized the retail apparel industry with the Swiftach Fastener tool. We’ve been innovating fasteners and cable ties ever since. Today, brand owners and retailers across a wide range of industries recognize Swiftach as being the fast, safe, and reliable choice.

Swiftach Tools: Maximum Speed and Safety

The first of its kind, Swiftach tools feature an innovative, unexposed and retractable needle. This ensures almost zero contact with needle tips when attaching brand messaging, price, size, or other product tags, or during needle replacement. These hard-working handheld fasteners feature a non-slip grip. They’re available in standard and fine fabric versions.

Swiftach Fastening Solutions

We offer a variety of attachers for everything from apparel and home goods to plants and meat. Whatever the application, we likely offer a precise tool for it.

We also offer a wide range of fasteners. These include traditional fasteners for attaching tags on clothes, to our unique fastening methods for hard goods like tools, toys, games and gear. They’re designed to be effective while minimizing packaging waste.

Any of our solutions can help emphasize an item’s impact, deliver greater utility, or both. Our fasteners come in many colors, sizes and application methods, so there are plenty of options for quickly and securely attaching prices, sizes, barcode information and brand messaging.