Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions provides plastic fasteners and tools to a variety of industries. Applications range from garment tagging to securing electrical systems in automobiles. Our R&D is the birthplace of many of the innovative fasteners and cable ties now relied upon throughout several industries. As such, we take great pride in setting the standard for quality and dependability.

Fasteners For Virtually Any Need, Any Opportunity

Each industry has unique needs and specific requirements.Our portfolio includes a wide variety of available colors, sizes and application methods to meet those needs. This ensures a variety of options for quickly and securely attaching prices, sizes, barcode information, and brand messaging.

  • Attachers for apparel and home goods, to plants and meats … and everything in between.
  • Fasteners for attaching tags to clothes, and unique fastening methods for hard goods such as tools, toys, games and gear.
  • Fasteners and ties that can keep items together while minimizing waste.