Custom Molded Parts

If you’re looking for experienced designers and manufacturers of plastic injection molded custom parts for automotive applications, look no further. The benefits of using Avery Dennison for your next custom channel, protector, bracket, or clip project are valuable and could save you time and money.

Custom Molded Plastic Part

50+ Years of Automotive Experience

We specialize in providing plastic retainers, fasteners, clips, and ties used in wire harness, fluid management, and electronic component applications. Our ergonomic solutions have been proven in underhood (engine), chassis, body, and interior settings such as seating and other electronic control systems. We fully understand the process and demand challenges automotive OEMs and Tiers face and can help to remove assembly or production obstacles you may encounter. Custom molded parts call for the same level of performance as engineered fasteners. These parts are used in tight spaces, survive in varying environments, require tight tolerances, and must be easy to use during assembly.

Avery Dennison Plastic Resin Formula

In-depth Plastic Knowledge

We can mold a variety of plastic resins and have direct experience with additive manufacturing, including heat stabilizers and impact modifiers. Nylon is our expertise, and we’ve produced filled (glass and talc) and unfilled Nylon materials. Our strong partnerships with resin suppliers have allowed us to continue serving our automotive customers despite industry fluctuations. 

We also develop products with sustainability in mind, from the materials we use, to how they’re constructed or recycled at end-of-life. Sustainable products start with sustainable sourcing. Wherever possible, we responsibly source sustainable materials that improve environmental health. Injection molding materials we’ve worked with include the rigid and flexible resins listed below.

  • ABS | Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PA | Nylon
  • PA 6 | Polyamide 6, Nylon 6
  • PA 6/6 | Polyamide 6/6, Nylon 6/6
  • PC | Polycarbonate
  • PP | Polypropylene
  • POM | Polyoxymethylene
  • rPET | Recycled Polyethylene Tetraphyte
  • rPA | Recycled Nylon
Avery Dennison Injection Mold

Manufacturing Capability & Tooling

Our USA facility is located in Fitchburg, MA, and boasts 26 molding machines ranging from 180 to 650 tons. Our expanding Mexico facility is located in Monterrey and currently operates two injection molders, a 60 and 300-ton capacity machine. We offer single and multi-cavity steel prototype or production molds. These molds are typically customer-owned with mold maintenance and can be sourced from the USA or China. We provide quick turns on molds and offer superb critical feature tolerances. We can provide insert molding and value-added assemblies such as pushpin installations, compression limiters, and more.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

Our injection molding service is a customized solution, and services range from simple build-to-print projects to full-service design and production. 

We specialize in Design for Manufacturing (DFM), and our engineering team is typically involved in all phases, from file preparation and rapid 3D prototyping to testing and production startup. 

By working closely with our customers, drawing on our experiences, and applying appropriate production strategies, we can improve upon an original design concept or provide solutions to an issue you’re facing. We’ll suggest efficiency and assembly considerations at every step to deliver a successful part for your automotive assembly application.

Our design engineering team has over 75  years of combined automotive experience and is skilled in facilitating verification and validation services. Testing capabilities encompass environmental, mechanical shock, vibration, and metrology, such as visual inspections, measuring techniques, 3D or CT scanning, etc. We regularly provide 2D and 3D files for OEM team centers and libraries.

As you can see, we’re much more than a molding house! Put our design and manufacturing experience to work for you. Build a smarter and more efficient custom molded part by discussing your concept with our team early in the design stage.