Avery Dennison produces fasteners used across a wide range of manufacturing environments where identification and bundling for batch processing takes place.

Mattress Fastening Tool

Here are just a few examples:

Mattress manufacturers use our EHD T-End™ to hold together layers of foam.

Automotive OEMs use our Industrial Buttoneer to join rubber components, such as door gaskets, facilitating compression and avoiding contact between metallic parts.

Clothing manufacturers use our SHD all-steel standard pneumatic unit to bundle raw leather, skins and other tough materials.

Many industries use our IndES® Elastic Staple®. It’s a versatile product that adapts well to automation and high productivity. Being elastic allows it to compensate for variations in size of irregularly shaped products.

Manufacturers that prioritize productivity over high strength rely on the Avery Dennison System 1000®.


Featured Products

ST9500 Plastic Staple®

The ability to perform innovative applications means the ST9500 does more to help you meet the needs of today's retailers and their customers. 

Cable Tie Solutions

Avery Dennison develops innovative products and problem-specific fastening solutions. 

IndES Elastic Staple® System

​The latest innovation in consumer goods fastening and packaging offers accelerated performance, improved consumer appeal and increased sustainability over conventional fastener packaging.

Swiftach® Industrial Buttoneer®

Useful in many assembly applications including pleating, spacing, closing or joining.

Mattress Fastening System

Eliminate messy sprays, hot melt glues and water-­based adhesives in one quick click. 

System 1000® Fasteners

With 1,000 fasteners per reel reduce time spent reloading as well as the potential for jamming, results in increased worker productivity.

Super Heavy-Duty Long Needle Pistol Tool

A rugged, reliable, long stroke, pistol-style tool designed to accept all styles of Super Heavy-Duty fasteners. 

MicroTach™ Attaching System

Replace thread, staples and pins with our smallest and most versatile fastener.