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Nov 30, 2023
Why GRS Certified Tagging Fasteners Make a Difference

Authenticity in sustainability claims is non-negotiable. Avery Dennison Fastener Solutions offers the gold standard in recycled content certification - the Global Recycling Standard (GRS).  Beyond verification of recycled material in Recycled Polypropylene tagging fasteners; it ensures full traceability throughout the supply chain. Learn more

Nov 13, 2023
Why You Might Choose Natural Colored Ties

When it comes to the design and assembly of wire harnesses, the choice of fasteners and cable ties is a subtle yet vital one. While the function of these fasteners may appear straightforward – securing and organizing wires and cables – the decision to use natural or white-colored variants carries a deeper significance. Learn about the practical advantages they offer.

Natural Fasteners in Automobile Engine
Aug 14, 2023
Smart & Sustainable Packaging Solutions

With a solid commitment to sustainability, we'll present packaging fasteners, labels, and digital identification solutions at this year's Pack Expo in Las Vegas. The show dates are September 11-13. 2023.

Jun 20, 2023
Lower Trim Costs, No Strings Attached

In recent years brand owners have switched back to the original standard of attaching hang tags with string in the name of sustainability. The switch has resulted in dramatically higher costs, throughput bottlenecks, and procurement and production resources burdens. Learn how a recycled tagging fastener can close the circle, save you money and simplify your BOM.

Apr 10, 2023
The Inside Story on Adapting to the Shift Toward Electric Vehicles – Evolving Demands for Engineered Fasteners in the Auto Industry

Avery Dennison is featured in the April edition of SAE Automotive Engineering. Read this brief interview as an Inside Story about Adapting to the Shift Toward Electric Vehicles – Evolving Demands for Engineered Fasteners in the Auto Industry.

SAE Automotive Engineering April 2023
Oct 20, 2022
Tag. We’re it: Fastener Solutions introduces new recycled Polypropylene (rPP) fasteners for apparel applications

Made from 30% recycled content, the new fasteners are the latest addition to Fastener Solutions’ environmentally friendly Ecotach™ portfolio.

Recycled Polypropylene Fasteners
Sep 19, 2022
New Polypropylene Fasteners with 30% Recycled Content for Apparel Applications

The newly GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard) rPP fasteners will help apparel manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers to reach internal plastics recycling targets and comply with government-imposed requirements. Read more.

New Polypropylene Fasteners with 30% Recycled Content for Apparel Applications
Mar 25, 2022
A New Outlook for Tagging Fasteners

This video interview with an Outdoor Business Journal editor will give you a new outlook on those ubiquitous plastic fasteners used to attach tags to just about every product in the apparel industry. New from Avery Dennison, Ecotach™ Fasteners are a green alternative to that traditional solution, pushing the industry one step closer to eliminating single-use plastics. Start with the little things that can make a big impact.

Jan 17, 2022
Boost Your Brand’s Sustainability Goals with Biodegradable and Recycled Fasteners

Plastic fasteners, which attach price tags and other product information to garments, are on 90% of the approximately 80 billion garments manufactured each year. That translates to 72 billion fasteners with a single-use plastic fastener. What if you could close your sustainability gap by using plastic fasteners that are made from recycled water bottles or nylon carpeting? What if you had an option to use plastic fasteners that can biodegrade* on soil?

Jan 14, 2022
Next Steps for Environmentally Conscious Children’s Brand Owners

There have been advancements in the recycling and repurposing of children’s apparel. One leading children’s apparel brand recently expanded its sourcing to include environmental stewardship throughout its supply chain. After all, sustainable clothing for children doesn’t end with fabric selection—it includes growing fibers for production, packaging and the responsible disposal of apparel.