Food Industry Solutions

Avery Dennison offers a variety of fasteners and fastening tools for the food industry.

Products such as our cable ties and fasteners have a wide range of applications, from farm environments, to processing plants, to final retail. We also offer both manual and pneumatic tools, with a variety of fastener lengths, to meet various packaging needs.

We design our products and tools to be efficient and safe for use. The include features such as stainless steel and food-safe materials, and the strategic placement of drainage mechanisms.

Two examples of how our products are used today:

Our Tag Fast™ solution is designed to ensure traceability tags are not lost during processing. Made of food grade nylon and featuring a double paddle head, these are easily removed without leaving any residue.

Fresh pineapples all over the world are tagged with our S1000 SPU5P pneumatic tool. The tool is light and made to withstand the rough conditions of speed tagging through leaves, which contain juices, acids, loose particles and wax.


Featured Products

System 1000 Industrial Pneumatic Tool

This tool and fasteners enables the addition of information, brand identification and value to packaging, as well as to pineapple-tagging and other horticultural operations.

Mark III Tag Fast

Designed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Features several drain holes so debris can be flushed out quickly and easily.

Cable Tie Solutions

Our unique stretching process produces premium, superior performing cable ties for a wide range of applications.

Plastic Staple ST9500® System

The Avery Dennison® ST9500® System enables high volume tagging and ticketing for a variety of applications ranging from retail identification to manufacturing processes.