Standard Tools

Avery DennisonTM Mark III Pistol Tool
The premier tool for any tagging application! It features an improved easy squeeze trigger, a smaller more comfortable grip, an easier to reach tag rest and an extended handle for a better fit in the operator's hand. The Avery DennisonTM Mark III weighs just three ounces and accepts both 50 and 100 per clip fasteners. Made from high-impact molded plastic that is reinforced at significant stress points, the Mark III provides long lasting performance.

Mark II Standard Scissor Tool
This original tag attaching tool is best suited for tagging hanging goods. The tool's slim profile is well suited for small hands. Accepts 50 per clip fasteners only.

Long Needle Pistol Tools
Long Needle (long stroke) style tools are available in both manual and pneumatic versions. Designed for applications that require a longer needle length, they are typically used in pairing and bundling dense or bulky applications.  This durable tool requires a longer needle than the standard Mark III pistol tool.  This tool must feed fasteners 3/4" (19mm) or longer.

The Pneumatic Industrial Long Needle Tool is used most often when it is faster for the operator to bring the garment to the tool, rather than using a hand tool. Designed for heavy industrial use, this machine requires 40-60 PSI of air pressure in order to actuate.  Accepts both 50 and 100 per clip standard fasteners, 3/4" (19mm) or longer.