Swiftach® - System 1000® Family

The System 1000 is the attaching tool of choice for those who need non-stop tagging.  From apparel to produce to Industrial packaging applications, the System 1000® allows for continuous tagging...without reloading!

Avery Dennison™ System 1000® Tools
With twenty times more loading capacity than with ordinary hand-held tag attaching tools, the System 1000 maximizes productivity.  Exceptional tagging capabilities for most general purpose and heavy duty applications.


Left to Right: System 1000® Hand Tool, System 1000® Bench Mount, Industrial S1000® II Pneumatic Power Tool

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Avery Dennison™ System 1000® Fasteners
With 1,000 fasteners per reel, there is less time spent reloading, reducing the opportunity for jamming, resulting in increased worker productivity.


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Avery Dennison™ System 1000® Replacement Needles
System 1000® Hand Tools have two styles of replacement needles. The regular plastic base needle and all-steel versions both have an effective length of .50" (12mm).

The System 1000® Pneumatic Bench Mount tool has an adjustable stroke that can be set to three settings to accommodate 3 needle lengths: Power Regular All-Steel (effective length .50", 12mm), Power Long (effective length .90" 22mm) and Power Extra Long (effective length 1.50" (37mm).