Swiftach® - Fine Fabric Product Family

Avery Dennison Fine Fabric Tools, Fasteners and Needles are perfect for delicate applications, as they work together to reduce the risk of holes and snags when attaching tags to delicate materials. 

Avery Dennison™ Fine Fabric™ Style Attaching Tools
We offer a wide range of tools to meet your fine fabric needs. Our Fine Fabric tools accept both 50 and 100 per clip fasteners.


Left to Right: Mark IIITM Fine FabricTM Pistol Grip Tool, Mark IITM Fine FabricTM Scissor Grip


Above: Fine Fabric Long Needle Power Tool

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Avery Dennison™ Fine Fabric™ Style Fasteners
Our Fine Fabric fasteners are designed specifically for delicate or tightly woven fabrics and are available in clips of 50 and 100 fasteners.


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Avery Dennison™ Fine Fabric™ Replacement Needles
The Fine Fabric plastic base and all-steel replacement needles have an ultra slim profile for delicate fabrics and have an "effective" length of .25" (6MM). The all-steel needle is preferred for multiple layer applications.

The newest addition to our Fine Fabric product family is the Fine Fabric Safety Sealed replacement needle, for safer handling and distribution. Fine Fabric Safety sealed needles are packaged 10 per kit.